What Does Juice From Concentrate Mean ? What You Need to Learn

Living the fit and healthy life is the way to go. Unfortunately, there may be a few bumps along the way. You’ll find out that there are more things you’ll need to know about what you consume, and it isn’t just about the fruits and vegetables. You may have noticed that a lot of fruit juice labels contain the word “concentrated” on it, but what does juice from concentrate mean ?

Is it bad for your health or something you can drink? Read on as I explain what concentration in juices mean and if it’s safe for you and your household to consume .

What Does Juice From Concentrate Mean ? What You Need to LearnWhat Does Juice From Concentrate Mean ?Benefits of Drinking Juice from ConcentrateIs It Safe to Consume ?Difference Between Fresh and ConcentratedTips When Consuming Juice From ConcentrateIn Conclusion

What Does Juice From Concentrate Mean ?

You have probably seen the label “100% juice from concentrate”. While you know it is made out of natural fruit juiced into liquid form, what does the concentrate part even mean ?

The concentrate is real juice, but it goes through a process where the water content was evaporated after getting the juice. The result would be powder, which is known as the concentrate. The powder is then mixed in with water and additives for the juice to taste and look delicious. Then, it is added to bottles and ready to sell in shops and markets.

Many companies use the concentrated form of juice as it is less bulky and cheaper when transporting it to the factories.

Concentrated juice is natural fruit powder mixed in with water and other various ingredients to retain a good taste and better lifespan.

Benefits of Drinking Juice from Concentrate

Similar to drinking juice you made from scratch, fruit juice made out of concentrate is beneficial and still holds the many vitamins and nutrients to improve your overall health.

Through drinking fruit juice (whether fresh or concentrated), you will be able to have better energy, an improved immune system, and it makes for a good snack or meal replacement for weight loss .

The only issue may be the additive content of the juice. Just like any other type of packaged food, these types of juices contain preservatives and flavoring to add taste and lengthen its lifespan .

Is It Safe to Consume ?

With its additive content, is it still considered safe to drink? I can say yes.

It all depends on the brand-name and what the juice contains. Before purchasing a bottle of juice made out of concentrate, look through the nutritional facts. If they have added ingredients that make it less than 100% of what the fruit originally is, then move on to another brand.

Better yet, you can create your fruit juice. But either way, they are still deemed healthy and better than carbonated soda or caffeinated drinks.

Difference Between Fresh and Concentrated

Fruit juice that was NOT concentrated didn’t go through the water-removal and reconstitution process. They are usually pasteurized. Sometimes, the producers would extract fruit oil from its peel, adding it to the juice for more flavor.

Other than its processes, there aren’t a lot of differences. The “fresh” juice would taste a bit more refreshing, but they would have similar nutritional content. That is if the juice manufacturers opt to let it stay fresh then add any sugars or preservatives. 

So there is no winner between the two. It all depends on your preference and how it tastes like.

Tips When Consuming Juice From Concentrate

Here are some tips to consider when purchasing and consuming juice from concentrate:

  • Always check the label. If there are more foreign ingredients than there should be, look for a more natural fruit juice that has the word 100% real juice .
  • Consume in moderation. Fruits are healthy, but they still contain calories and sugar that end up being detrimental to both your weight and health. A bottle a day is ideal, or you can even add the juices to your dishes and recipes.
  • Other than finding juices labeled 100%, look for flash pasteurized juices. The fruits were heated twice to kill bacteria, then cooled. This not only helps lessen bacteria but to prolong its lifespan as well.

In Conclusion

Are you planning on taking a healthier route and looking after what you consume? Then you’ll need to make sure that you have the right information. Many packaged foods are still considered as healthy, as long as you take them in moderation and check the labels before purchasing it. You will need to do this for concentrated juices found in the supermarket as well !

I hope that this article answers your question: “What does juice from concentrate mean?” While they taste delicious, consider the calorie count and preservatives it holds. They are safe and healthy to consume, but it may be better to whip up your natural fruit juice.

Do you have any more questions or would like to add your thoughts? Then comment down below. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

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