How Many Calories In Pound of Chicken: Everything You Need to Know

Fit and healthy: How do people do it? You find a lot of individuals looking into all these diet fads and intense workout programs, but that isn't the primary solution! While they do help you shed the pounds and have you live a healthier lifestyle, its restrictions and tiring routine can get boring. That's why it's best to make your diet plan, focused on healthy, lean protein. One of the best choices would be chicken. If you're making a whole meal for your family, you may be wondering: How many calories in a pound of chicken?

Read on as we show you EVERYTHING you need to know about chicken, from the different types to the nutritional information !

What is Chicken?

We all know what chicken is. It's one of the most popular forms of poultry ! You may have already tasted all types of chicken, ranging from grilled to boiled. But what else do you need to know about this fresh meat?

The chicken we eat can come in a variety of parts, all depending on our taste and preferences. You have breast, thighs, ribs, and even feet! All around the world, you have various nationalities utilizing chicken and creating delicious cuisines according to their culture. But what makes chicken a common choice?

It's not only easy and affordable to purchase , but it's known to have a ton of health benefits as well !

How Many Calories In Pound of Chicken ?

Cooking in huge batches for yourself or your family requires you to purchase a LOT of chicken, usually half a kilo, which equals to a pound. But how many calories are in a pound of chicken ?

The calorie content depends on the part of the chicken you are referring to. On average, a whole pound of chicken meat would be around 1,084 calories. It contains a whopping 122 grams of protein and 64 grams of fat, with a low sodium count of 372 milligrams. It has NO carbohydrates !

Whereas, a boneless and skinless chicken breast (or white chicken meat) that weighs 236 grams, will contain 270 calories. Considering that a pound is equal to 454.6 grams, a whole pound of lean chicken meat contains approximately 520 calories. A pound of chicken breast would contain about 12 grams of fat and about 100 grams of protein. 

The low-calorie count for chicken breast is because this part of the chicken is made out of 75% of water, which is a calorie-free food.

But take note, this is RAW and SKINLESS chicken meat, excluding the skin, bones, or any other ingredients and additives put into it. When weighing your chicken meat for an accurate calorie count, make sure it is free of the skin and bones, then add in any extra ingredients with the appropriate calorie count after.

Benefits of Eating Chicken

Chicken holds a ton of health benefits that isn't just about its low-calorie and high-protein content ! Here are some health benefits chicken has to offer:

  • Effective in Weight Loss

Besides its low-calorie content, chicken can also make you feel stuffed because of its high amounts of protein and the equal amount of fat. You are satiated for longer, and your cravings are lessened, having you eat under your recommended calorie goal and shed the weight.

  • Low in Carbs

The no-carb content is ideal for those who don't want their carb levels to spike from added sugars and whatnot. With a low carb content, you have a better body fat percentage, and the calories you take in will burn efficiently.

  • High Amount of Vitamins and Minerals

Chicken has a lot of vitamins and minerals which are proven to help in digestion and immunity. It helps with improving your nervous system, eye health, diabetes, and heart problems as well.

It's rich in Vitamin D, which helps strengthen bones. It's also rich in Vitamin A, which helps in eyesight and eliminates anemia.

  • Controls Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Chicken is white meat, with fewer cholesterol levels found in it as compared to other types of meat. It helps control cholesterol levels and maintains heart health. It will also contribute to the maintenance of steady blood pressure, especially when matched with a low-fat diet.

In Conclusion

Chicken is an awesome source of protein, known for its low-calorie content and nutritional benefits anybody will be able to reap. As long as it's cooked properly, you'll be able to live a long and healthy life.

Hopefully, this article answers your question: "How many calories in a pound of chicken?" So what are you waiting for? If you're planning your meals for the week, may it be for yourself or family, then incorporate a nice serving of chicken into it and get a healthy serving of protein a day!

We hope you enjoyed the article. If you have any more questions or thoughts on how many calories in a pound of chicken, or anything related to the topic, then do comment down below. We would love to hear what you have to think.

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