How Long Is Bread Good For ? Find Out the Surprising Answer Now

The primary focus of being healthy would be food. What you eat contains all the nutrients you need to stay fit. But it isn't only what you eat that matters, but when you eat it. Your food, especially natural and homemade ones without preservatives, will have an expiration date. Unless they're canned goods (which are unhealthy!), you can't keep them forever. It's critical to know when your food is close to the expiration date to avoid getting sick.

Bread has a particular shelf life as well, but how long is bread good for, exactly? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the shelf life of bread.

How Long Does Bread Last ?

Bread is a healthy and filling carb that can go with almost anything! But just like any other food, it does spoil. Not to worry, though, as the lifespan of bread isn't as short as more natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables.

The life span of bread will depend on the type you're purchasing. But on average, bread would last for about a week when outside the fridge. If stored in the refrigerator, it would last for two weeks. If put in the freezer, it can last for up to three months. 

Contrary to what you think, bread's expiration dates aren't usually the most accurate. It can still be eaten despite it being past the date !

What Does Expired Bread Look Like?But of course, you shouldn't always leave your bread lying around forever. It has an expiration date, whether or not it's stated on the label. If you're wondering if bread is still safe to eat, here are the ways you can tell if bread is rotten or spoiled :

Trust your senses when it comes to smelling or looking at food. The most common way to see if bread is spoiled is if it has molds. These molds are usually brown or green. Do not cut off the molded area and still eat the bread !

You can smell mold (though not recommended). If your bread smells different than what it used to, then chances are, it's expired.

When you feel bread, its texture should be soft. If it's hard and dry (unless they are bread crumbs or croutons), then that's another sign of spoiled bread.

Can You Eat Bread After the Expiration Date ?

The next question is: Can you eat bread despite it lasting after the expiry date?
We can say yes, as long as the bread you eat looks and feels safe, containing no mold or what. Depending on what you're eating, bread can last for a few days after what's recommended, with packaged bread lasting for almost three days after the expiration date.

But this again depends on the type of bread. It isn't recommended to keep bakery bread inside the fridge after its expiration date and should be eaten before that, or if not, about two days after (without storing it in the refrigerator).

What Happens If You Eat Bread After the Expiration Date ?

When you eat soiled food, depending on your sensitivity, you may or may not experience some symptoms. Usually, they are related to food poisoning, where you have stomachaches, nausea, or fatigue.

You might also have an allergic reaction from the mold, or a foodborne illness because of the chemicals and expired preservatives that make bread last longer.

That's why it's crucial to make sure you consume bread before the expiration date, or at least just a few days after. Do NOT eat bread when you see signs of molding, or if it begins to feel or smell funky.

How to Make Bread Last Longer

While you can't make bread last forever, there are ways to make it last longer, such as :

• Store bread in a paper bag to avoid moisture from building up and creating molds. BUT, this may end up drying your bread quickly.

• For sliced bread, you can keep it inside a plastic bag.

• Storing bread in a fridge is also a good way to prolong its lifespan, but can also end up drying your bread. Same goes with freezing.

In Conclusion

Learning the expiration dates of food is vital, to safely throw it away and take preventive measures from food poisoning. Fortunately, with bread, it has a longer lifespan than other food products, so you'll be able to let it sit for a longer period.

What I wrote should hopefully answers your question: "How long is bread good for?" Now, you'll be able to store your bread properly without the need to worry about its expiration date.

I hope you found the article informative! Should there be other questions or suggestions about the lifespan of bread, post what you want to say! All comments will be greatly appreciated.

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