Best BCAA for Women – The Ultimate Purchasing Guide

​Everyone wants to stay active and healthy, and what better way to do that than to workout? Working out entails a great pre-workout to keep yourself energized one going. For the ladies out there, you'll be able to get your energy fix with the best BCAA for women.

Read more to find out what BCAA is, and everything you need to know about purchasing the best for you!

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

What Is BCAA ?

When you workout, your body begins to build muscle from the way you exert effort. And when you build muscle, protein plays an extra effort into that! With an adequate amount of protein, you will be able to recover from your workouts quickly and encourage MORE muscle-building along the way.

Amino acids are made out of proteins. These amino acids are metabolized into proteins or converted into energy. So, through amino acids, you will be able to get more energy and build muscle more efficiently because of how it promotes digestion and conversion of energy AND proteins!

You will be able to get amino acids from protein-rich food. To give yourself more of a boost, you get it from BCAAs! BCAA, short for Branched Chain Amino Acids, are three of the eight essential amino acids. They include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. When taken, these three amino acids flow into your bloodstream and are released into your muscles, where repair and growth take place.

How To Use BCAA ?

Using BCAA doesn't require knowledge of rocket science! All you need to do is to follow the directions stated from the BCAA you chose. Some people use it as a pre-workout for more energy, while some opt to take it after their workout as muscle recovery. Either way, it should be taken once, before or after every workout, for positive results.

BCAA comes in two forms : Tablet or pill, powder or liquid. The former is used by those who prefer an empty stomach before working out or would like to save the time of preparing and consuming their share of BCAA. For those who want a refreshing pre (or post!) workout drink, they go for the latter, which can come in different flavors such as fruit punch or lemonade!

Just remember NOT to take too much BCAAs, as an overdose of amino acids and protein can also lead to side effects  or even your kidney failing because of the overconsumption of protein. It is also best to speak with a doctor regarding your amino acid intake, as some ingredients found in powder or tablet BCAAs may cause allergies (some contain whey, casein, or soy).

Benefits Of BCAA For Women

You're probably wondering: What does BCAA have to do with my overall fitness and health? Can't I just eat MORE protein to get the energy?

YES, you'll be able to get amino acids from the food you eat, but having a supplement such as BCAA will help you achieve even MORE! Here are just some things that make BCAA so beneficial :

​1 .Leaner Muscle Growth

Leucine, found in BCAAs, is the most important when building new muscle. It encourages muscle growth for people of all ages! It also helps with protein synthesis and promotes growth in muscles rather than it breaking down.

2 . Better Muscle Recovery

BCAAs have been known to delay muscle soreness and lessen the damage caused by intense exercises, either strength or cardio). It quickens the healing process of your muscles. And the quicker the recovery, the faster you can get back to working out and training!

3 . Better Shedding of Body Fat

Like mentioned, leucine is the most important amino acid for muscle growth. Because of that, it can help regulate leptin, which is a hormone in fat tissue that would send signals to your brain when it's full. The fuller you are, the less fat you will eat as well. It also helps regulate glucose and body weight, helping you reach your goals with better fat distribution.

How to Purchase the Best BCAA for Women

Choosing the best BCAA isn't the most complicated process, but you WILL need to research in order to find out what's best for you! Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best BCAA for women:

1. Leucine Amount

Since there are three amino acids, there is a certain ratio you would like to take. The most recommended ratio for BCAAs would be 2:1:1, with leucine being the highest in the proportion. Also, check some grams per serving. 5g is the recommended amount.

2. Ingredients

Take your allergies into account! If you are allergic to casein or whey, you can opt to take a BCAA that contains soy instead or vice versa. Check the ingredients if you are allergic or sensitive to any of them.

3. Type

You can choose between pill or tablet form, whichever you prefer will still give the same effect (depending on the BCAA ratio).

Top Five Best BCAA for Women

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Based on our research, testing, and overall customer reviews, here are our top five choices on the best BCAA for women:

SHREDZ is powdered BCAA, with pink lemonade as its flavor. Its quenching flavor makes you want to keep taking it before or after your workouts! This 30-day supply of BCAAs are proven to boost your energy quickly and has the PROVEN formula of amino acids to promote muscle repair and growth.

It contains the three primary amino acids, as well as a blend of the other amino acids, known to have helped over half a million people!

Another remarkable thing about SHREDZ is that they use natural and quality ingredients to have you feel refreshed and quenched all throughout your workout. It is deemed healthy and safe to consume.

With a whole month supply, you are saving money and a lot of effort having to keep repurchasing BCAAs. The large canister and packaging are strong, coming with a scoop to help get the recommended serving quickly. Is it worth it ? I say YES !


  • Provides high energy
  • Less muscle soreness
  • Sheds fat in the right places
  • Tastes deliciously tangy and sweet
  • The complete powder dissolves in water


  • Powder too sweet for some
  • Scoop spoon does not fit in canister

BulkSupplements offers a 100% pure BCAA powder that helps promote muscle synthesis, helping muscle growth and lessens the tissue damage from your intense workouts. It had the engineered and optimized 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine (respectively), offering the best energy and fast metabolism you need to reach your fitness goals.

It's a powdered supplement that doesn't only give you energy and better muscle, but it also lessens your fatigue and reduces cortisol levels, great for boosting your mood for the daily grind AFTER your workout !

I love the fact it comes in a sturdy bag with a zip lock. That way, its contents won't get out as easily, and you can lock it quickly, without the hassle. The powder itself is tasteless and has no smell, making it a perfect addition to thicken your milkshake or as an addition to your juice.


  • Nicely designed packaging
  • Very affordable price for its huge serving sizes
  • ​You can get up to five kilograms of BCAA, saving effort in repurchasing
  • Perfect ratio and serving to enhance energy levels


  • Powder is very fine and light that some powder may release when opened

AMRAP has been tested and proven for effectiveness. It contains everything you need for the energy boost and muscle growth. It comes in a pack of 40 servings, good for about two months, depending on your intake of it.

With its quality ingredients made from the USA, you are assured health and protection from any allergens. It's free from fillers, flavors, colors or sweeteners. It is a micronized powder easy to absorb, dissolving into liquids easily.

Another thing I love about this BCAA is that it's friendly for any dieter! It's paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and okay for vegetarians to consume. It's made out of non-GMO ingredients! Oh, and did I mention that it doesn't have ANY caffeine in it? It naturally produces energy from the amino acids !

They also have excellent customer service, issuing money back guarantee within 90 days, no questions asked.

With quality BCAA that gives the useful results immediately AND excellent customer service, it's definitely worth what you are paying for !


  • Produces a relaxed but energetic feeling
  • No taste or aftertaste
  • Sustained energy and lessened muscle soreness
  • Contains NO allergens or additives
  • Easy to mix in and drink


  • Powder dissolves easily, but not quickly

1 UP Nutrition offers a watermelon-flavored powdered BCAA that performs as well as it tastes! It helps promote muscle growth and protein synthesis, encouraging performance and strength for your workouts or intense jobs. It absorbs and digests quickly, so you'll feel the energy kick in as soon as you take it !

This BCAA also contains collagen and glutamine, perfect for ultimate skin health. It also includes a hydration complex that helps keep skin refreshed all throughout the day. It's one of the best BCAA for women, as it not only helps with muscle but skin health as well !

One other thing I appreciate about 1 UP Nutrition's BCAA is how cute the packaging is! It's a pink packaging with gold labels, so just opening it makes me feel great already. The canister is durable and secure, easy to open and safely locked from children or pets.

Overall, it's a great purchase for women who want to promote both muscle growth and skin health.

Pros:Sweet and delicious watermelon flavorHelp keep you hydratedBetter endurance and abilityImproves skin health with collagen and glutamineBetter energy and leaner muscleCons:Can cause acne to sensitive skinContains sucralose for flavor


  • Sweet and delicious watermelon flavor
  • Help keep you hydrated
  • Better endurance and ability
  • Improves skin health with collagen and glutamine
  • Better energy and leaner muscle


  • Can cause acne to sensitive skin
  • Contains sucralose for flavor

BPI Sports Best has an unyielding and attractive looking packaging that makes you want to try it out! I love the safely locked cover that is still easy to open. It comes with a measuring scoop that makes mixing and measuring much more hassle-free. With thirty servings of powder (there are various sizes to choose from), you get to save money and the hassle of buying single packets over and over again.

This BCAA comes in a tangy fruit punch flavor, but you can also choose from eight others, ranging from Arctic Ice and sour candy, down to various fruit juice flavors! Either way, the fruit punch tastes fantastic, and you'll feel the effects kicking in right away.

It has the cutting edge BCAA formula you need for lower body fat percentage and better muscle growth and recovery.

BPI Sports Best also offers a subscription, where you can order BCAA (or any of their other products) every month, for a discount!


  • Better endurance within days
  • Decreases muscle soreness from days to hours
  • Tastes delicious
  • Mixes well


  • A bit too sweet than sour fruit punch flavor

In Conclusion

For those who love working out and need the energy to face the intensity of their exercises, then you'll take advantage of the best BCAA for women. With properties that keep your energy levels raised and your workout recovery better, you'll be able to become a beast in the gym and achieve your fitness goals !

We chose the SHREDZ BCAA + Glutamine Made for Women because of its delicious pink lemonade flavor and proven formula to boost your energy, help your muscles, and improve your performance in the gym through supplying your body with the essential amino acids .

Hopefully, this article on the best BCAA for women will have helped you become more knowledgeable with what you need to know about the supplement and what to get. So what are you waiting for? Invest in the SHREDZ BCAA + or any of these products today !

We hope you enjoyed the article ! If you have any thoughts or questions regarding the best BCAA for women , comment down below ! We would love to hear what you have to think .

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